Patridge Surveying LLC
Land Surveying from the past to the present, and in to the future.
PROPERTY SURVEYING:  the branch of land surveying that involves the art and science of:
(1) re establishing cadastral surveys and land boundaries based on documents of record and historical evidence.
(2) planning, designing, and establishing boundaries, and
(3) certifying surveys as required by statute or local ordinance such as subdivision plats, judicial surveys, and space delineation (knowledge of both the weight of authority and statute law relative to the establishment of boundaries by both written methods is imperative).


Residential Lot Surveys, Lot Splits, Industrial Lots, Rural Boundary Surveys, Subdivision design and platting, Condominium Plats, Topographic Surveys, Accident Site Reconstruction, Mortgage Location Surveys, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Photo/Geodetic control Surveys, GPS Services, Flood Elevation Certificates.  We also incorporate the latest CAD technology and plotting services to stay current within today's technological world.

Patridge Surveying LLC provide consulting, planning, Land Surveying and related Civil Engineering services both to the public and private sector.  Regardless of client size or need, all are treated as our most important client.  We are dedicated to maintaining close communication with our clients throught the course of a project.  It is our goal to provide timely, innovative and economical solutions to client needs.

includes any professional service which requires the application of special knowledge of the principles of mathmatics, the related physical and applied sciences and the relevant requirements of law for the adequate performance of the art of surveying.